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Why You choose Norton Antivirus?

It is the anti-virus software which is developed to safeguard your systems that includes your essential documents and personal information as well. It is fast, reliable and comprehensive which protects your data from the evil doers. As these days you must be hearing that cyber crimes are getting very common in each country, so, to get protection from phishing is really very important in the upcoming era. It also provides you safety from several viruses such as Trojan, worm, ransomware and enhances the security of your mobile phones as well. Offering security against threatening apps is beneficial for the common masses who have limited knowledge about the technology.

Below is the Hierarchy of Scanning Techniques Norton provides:-

Quick Scan: Much akin to its Microsoft and AVG cousins, the titular software also provide the ability of a fast peruse of all the superficial content. In this type of analysis, the program scans the most of common of computer locations that attract deleterious entities. As its namesake, it is a fast and minimalistic process scanning. This functionality could be automated to be on a particular schedule, or could be done manually at any given time. For the regular users, this type of scan is recommended.

Why You choose Norton Antivirus?

Custom Scan: Are you one of the users that keep all the important data in one drive? If yes, then this process is for you. Through custom sweep, you might select a file, a folder or a drive location to analyze. As, the files or locations are scanned in their entirety, it might be said that this customizable option is much akin to a mini Full-scan.

Full Scan: This is the process which might take a whole day depending upon how much space is allocated in your system. This type of scan does a complete root reconnaissance of the computer. To this end, it scans the root as well as boot files, record, logs, and all the files that the user has access to. The file accessed depends upon the user type; an administrator initiated full-scan would take more time than any other user. Make sure that system is free for a long foreseen time after you initiate this sweep.

The above Scaning techniques employed by Norton Antivirus is suitable for just about every user. But what makes them worthwhile is the patience of the said owner.any time you can call us on our toll free Norton Support Australia Number +61 388205068