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Guide To Disable Notifications From Norton Antivirus Software.

// Poster by admin // 10 Aug 2018

Norton antivirus is a trusted software when it comes to the safety of laptop, desktop or any other devices that need protection from all kinds of viruses. However, no one could deny the fact that it becomes highly annoying when unwanted notifications from the software start to come. These notifications may contain information related to special offers or often it automatically downloads a toolbar in the web browser which causes this issue. If you are seeking a remedy to this problem then this article is meant for you. Now, you can also take the help from Norton Technical Support, where they provide solutions to all kinds of problems.

Following Are The Norton Virus Disable Steps:

Guide To Disable Notifications From Norton Antivirus Software.


  • You can get rid of these notifications by going into the settings and enabling the silent mode. After this go to administrative settings, there you can turn off special offer notifications.
  • You can also disable the report notifications for 30 days and repeat the process afterwards, if in need.


  • It happens very often that when you download a web browser file or say client email, a notification pops up and display that the files are safe. You can remove them by-
  • Go to the settings and then firewall, after this proceed to Intrusion, then Browser Protection and set Insight notifications to risk only.


  • Norton possesses a feature called Anti-spam which has a screen to display these pop-ups. If you want to get rid of this feature, just turn to settings. Here, click the client integration tab and disable the Welcome Screen and Feedback.

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