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How To Uninstall Norton Security Scan?.

// Poster by admin // 10 Aug 2018

Norton Security is an answer to all your privacy and security which covers your systems as well as mobile phones. It prevents all your important personal data, passwords, and other files. It gives speed to your system and also prevents from virus and malware. You can do online transactions without fear if you have Norton Security installed in your device. It also warns you for an incoming virus which might enter while surfing the internet. It also gives you an option to restore/backup all your data/files. You may reach to Norton Support anytime. They will help you out in quick periods of time.

While using this antivirus software, many questions may arise in your mind if you are using this for the first time. If you have installed its trial version then you may face the problem of not working on this software properly. So if you want to uninstall the program and it’s all other products safely from your computer. Follow these simple steps to get rid of this program.

How To Uninstall Norton Security Scan?

Step :-1 Type Windows + R or search for Run on your computer.

Step :-2 Type the following text appwiz.cpl and then click Enter.

Step :-3 You will see all installed programs which are currently installed. Select Norton Security Scan to uninstall the program. Click Uninstall and then OK.

Step :-4 You may see User Account Control window, in this case, select continue.

Step :-5 Follow the on screen instructions to uninstall the program and restart your computer.

Step :-6 Refresh your screen and now you can check Norton has removed from your system.

In some cases, you may simply go to control panel from your system. Here you will find an option of Programs. Click on Uninstall a program. Search for this antivirus program and uninstall it. It may take some time after completion reboots your system. You can give a call to Norton Support Australia to rectify all your queries. Feel free to contact.