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How To Start Norton Product After Upgrading The Windows 10?.

// Poster by admin // 10 Aug 2018

When you are a Norton Customer you will always like to use the latest version of your product. If you were using Windows 7 or 8 earlier and now you have updated and installed Windows 10, then compatibility checker of Microsoft will show you that now your Norton product cannot be accessed with Windows 10. Your PC is still protected with the best security but you have to remove and download the latest version which is compatible with Windows 10.

Norton Support would like to inform you that this latest update of your Product does not only enhance security features to detect and remove threats but also consists of many performance optimizations so that the software does not come up with any disturbing activity which may create a problem for you. Read this blog carefully to get a solution to your problem.

Firstly, Download and run the fix tool:

Step :-1 Go to your browser and download the fix tool.

Step :-2 Save the tool on Windows Desktop.

Step :-3 Now right click the Windows10NortonUpgrader.exe file and select Run as administrator. You accept the Usage Agreement by running the tool.

Step :-4 Click ‘Next’, in the installation prompt window.

Step :-5 So just follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation process.

In case no installation prompt window is displayed, follow the below-mentioned method.

Download and install your Norton Antivirus.

Step :-1 Log in to Norton.

Step :-2 If you have not signed in before then you’ll be prompted to enter credentials. So just provide the email address and password in the given fields and click Sign in. And if you do not have an account, select ‘Create account’ and then go for the sign-up process.

Step :-3 Lastly, click Download Norton SetUp window.

So to continue the process now click Enter a new product key. Provide the key and then click Agree and download. Attempt any of the following steps depending on your browser.

Step :-1 Click Run, if you’re using IE or Microsoft Edge browser.

Step :-2 Click Download at the top-right corner of the browser to view downloaded software and double-click on file if you are using Firefox or Safari.

Step :-3 On the bottom left-corner, give a double click to downloaded file if you’re using Chrome.

Step :-4 Click ‘continue’ if the User Account Control window opens.

The above information is sufficient to solve your problem if any issue persists you can Contact Norton Support Australia. The technicians are always available for your help. The service provided is online (on the web through remote access) or (offline onsite) depending upon your issue.