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How To Recover Deleted Files By Norton Antivirus? .

// Poster by admin // 10 Aug 2018

False positives are the most common and most inaccessible drawback of any antivirus. Due to this particular idiosyncrasy shown by most antiviral tools, some of your most dear files might be deleted faster than you realize. This case is about a 10 folds true for the Norton Antivirus software. In this particular cyber protection application, simple non-threatening anomalies could still be counted as severe threats and in such situation, no quarantines are made; only deletion happens.

For such cases it is important for us to be able to recover those files.

Recovering files falsely accused for harboring threats by Norton antivirus

Depending on the severity of a situation, a filed marked as a threat could go through three things; these things being warning, quarantine and deletion. When the antivirus application deleted the file, it is an indicator that the file was marked as a severe threat. Fortunately, such incidences are rare. Norton Customer Support presents to you the ways to re-acquire those files either from the quarantine or permanent deletion. Before we go on with the process, just remember, you might have to take the aid of third party software. If such an application isn’t particularly reliable then you must concur to other utilities. Without we digress you any further, let us look into the file recovering procedure:

ow To Recover Deleted Files By Norton Antivirus?

1. Check in the quarantine: As already mentioned; the cases where a false positive threat is regarded as severe are rare. It is therefore prudent to look into the quarantine before moving towards the next step. Once you find your falsely removed entity, you must go through the Norton Deleted File Recovery process to recover said objects. To do that:

a. Access the “Advanced” option in the titular antiviral tool.

b. Under the “Computer Protection” tab, navigate to the quarantine.

c. You would now access to the list of all the deleted files.

d. Select the files and restore them; before doing that, be sure to exclude them from further scans so as to save them from further misconceptions.

2. If by an off-chance the files are deleted, you have to look towards third party software: once the data is actually deleted from the quarantine, they could only be recovered using a third party application. Luckily, our technicians have the eye for the truest among them; it is called EaseUS recovery. This versatile program scans the entire hard drive and recovers all the deleted files. To use it:

a. Go to their official site and purchase the software.

b. Activate using the given product key.

c. Once sully installed, run a scan of the place where the data was situated.

d. After about an hour or two, you would be presented with the list of all the deleted items.

e. Select the ones you want o recover.

f. Wait for another hour.

Note: The time required to scan the locations and perform recovery is purely subjective to the size. If luck holds, is would be only minutes before you have your data again.

If you have any queries about this topic, Contact Norton Support Number Australia. We would not only help with your data recovery, but would also assist you in case you go through any inconsistency or malfunctions regarding the titular antivirus application.