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How To Find and Update Norton Antivirus Product Key?.

// Poster by admin // 10 Aug 2018

Norton is antivirus software with both the free and subscription based variants, but to access the entire functionality of the antiviral tool, it is better to go for the paid version. Unfortunately, the company has not made the required product activation key easily accessible. Therefore, it falls upon us, the Norton Customer Support to educate you in this regard.

We present to you the situation solutions to find the product of key of the antiviral tool.

Product keys unlock the activation process in any subscription based software. This feature is a bit more stringent when it comes to antivirus programs. It is because of the multiple variants of such software available, several features are locked off behind a very particular pay wall. The way to access a key depends upon the way you have accessed the software. Consequently, the method to find the key changes:

From Norton account: One you have downloaded and installed the antiviral program, go at the top of the Norton Window.

If you have downloaded from the official site: If you have downloaded from the official site: If you happen to have downloaded the software from the official site, you would instantly be provided with the necessary instructions on your registered email account. Follow those procedures to the tee and you would find our product key.

If physically brought from a retailer: If you have a physical copy of the antivirus, turn the cover over and look on the registered bar code; the product key s given right above it.

The Preinstalled edition: There may be a case where the application came to you preinstalled. In such circumstances, navigate to My Documents and look for a folder named Symantec, there you would have a txt file called Norton. This file would have the product key you need.

How To Find and Update Norton Antivirus Product Key?

If you happen to have the free variant of the antivirus application are thinking about upgrading to the full version then:

  • Go to the official Norton website through the link given in the tool itself.
  • Register your account in that site.
  • Login and click on subscription.
  • Browse and pay for the variant you desire.
  • Click on activate; you would be presented with the requisite activation code, jot it down in a txt document.
  • You now have upgraded your cyber security application.

Once upgraded, you may also confirm the registration by checking if the previously locked utilities are enabled to you.

If you have any further concerns regarding the issue, or want to access further information, Contact Norton support Autralia Help number +61 388205068. Here, we would not only aid you with the solutions pertaining to your query, but also troubleshoot and guide you through any discrepancy regarding the application.